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In the United States, by the year 2030, the aging population of Baby Boomers (born 1946 through 1964) will number nearly 61 million people aged 66-84. In this segment of the population, many will reside in various long-term communities such as independent living, assisted living and memory care. Recognizing the need for and understanding the challenges of testing in these facilities, PCR-Dx health care professionals created a Senior Care Division to focus on the specialized healthcare needs of these residents.

Senior Care Goals

  • To bring acute testing to the long-term care world
  • To provide a more personalized service to our at-risk population
  • To decrease hospitalizations with informed prescribing and quick treatment
  • To treat every lab sample as a person
  • To decrease re-collections through education and customer service

How We Accomplish Our Goals

  • Mid-day and daily courier services
  • We assign a senior care division trained representative to each community
  • We provide training on collection to each community
  • Our Director is a Nurse Case Manager who has worked in all levels of care
  • We have a manager at each lab that is specifically trained with the senior care division
  • Our lab staff has been trained to look at our aging population differently and understands the difficulties in collections
  • We continue to have a forward-thinking mindset and grow with the changes of the senior care industry
  • Committed to exceptional customer service
  • Results in 24 hours or less
  • Family-friendly billing practices
  • Our Clinical Consultant, Dr. Anthony Luyai is available 24/7 for physician / patient consultation

What We Do

PCR-Dx provides medical professionals with personalized molecular testing solutions for viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens.  Our molecular testing methodologies reduce wait-time without compromising the quality of patient results.

Traditional pathogen culture and identification methodologies can take days or weeks to received results.  At PCR-Dx, our labs can turn tests around in under 24 hours.  By choosing PCR-Dx your patients can rest easy knowing that their doctors are partnered with the most efficient and effective lab in the region.

Why choose PCR-Dx Diagnostics?

We have cutting-edge facilities, fast turnaround time, and actionable test results. Our facilities at PCR-Dx are CLIA and COLA accredited featuring the latest in cutting-edge testing equipment and technologies. The PCR-Dx scientific team, led by former WHO and CDC research scientist Dr. Anthony Luyai, combine over 70 years of combined experience in both laboratory and healthcare services. A focus on the utilization of PCR, BioFire, and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) provides ordering clinicians with the most accurate and rapid testing processes currently available. PCR-Dx is built on 3 powerful business principles: patients first, empower the physician, and triple-check the work.

PCR-Dx's Senior Care Lab Expert Chelsea Sweaney
Chelsea Sweeney, RN
Director of Senior Care Division
Phone: 720-629-3050
Fax: 877-827-0142
John Garrity<br />
Manager of Senior Care Division
John Garrity
Manager of Senior Care Division
Phone: 970-966-3159
Fax: 877-827-0142